Commissions View Improvements & Increased Portfolio Limits

Published on April 24, 2021

The site should now look much better for everyone at mobile phone sizes. Prior to today's updates, pretty much everything on the site was best viewed at desktop-browser-size. Starting today, there is a dedicated mobile view for many of ArtStack's core features. Here are some examples:

"All Commissions" list:
2021-apr-24-commission-index-screenshot.png 173 KB

Individual commission view:
2021-apr-24-commission-show-screenshot.png 165 KB

And last but not least, artist Portfolios have also been given the mobile treatment:
2021-apr-24-profile-screenshot.png 334 KB

In addition, the previous limit of 12 total items to a Portfolio has been increased to 24. Happy commissioning, everyone!

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