Artist Registrations are now Open!

Published on April 13, 2021

Artist registrations are now open to the public! Visit the registration page, select "Artist" as your account type, and you'll be on your way to signing up and earning money on ArtStack.

In addition, Artist profiles can now both Send and Receive commission requests. From your Dashboard, click the Commissions view, then in the upper-right corner is a toggle switch for "Sent" and "Received."

As part of this change, Featured Artist profiles are now live on the home page. In order for your profile to be Featured, your account must at least:

  • Have a banner image and profile image added
  • Not be marked as "NSFW"
  • Your commissions must be open

If those 3 requirements are met, your profile is eligible to make the home page!

More discoverability features are coming soon. In the meantime, post your ArtStack profile links far and wide!

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